Fairfax VA Chiropractors May Relieve Migraines

Fairfax VA Chiropractors May Relieve Migraines

Fairfax Chiropractors May Relieve Migraines

During a painful migraine, nothing matters but the migraine. The overbearing pain from migraines can limit someone to laying in a dark room. Forget about being able to work or looking after your kids because migraines prevent you from even being able to think. Fortunately, Fairfax VA chiropractors know how to relieve you of your migraine without invasive or drug-involved procedures.
Relieving the pain from a migraine is the only mission of someone affected. Unhealthy side effects from pain medications are typically looked past when dealing with such pain. Even individuals against prescriptions will reconsider when trapped in the pain of a migraine.

Migraine Headaches in Fairfax VA

Bad headaches are often mistaken as migraines; however, migraines are different than tension headaches as they are uncommon and range from mild to severe pain. More common in women than men, migraines are recurring headaches lasting four hours to three days.

To be defined as a “migraine sufferer” you must experience 5 instances or more that fall within the allotted time frame. In order for a headache to be considered a migraine, you must have at least two of the known symptoms: constant pain, single location, nausea or vomiting, sensitive sight or hearing, or physical activity leading to headaches. Twenty percent of migraine patients will experience visual auras preceding the migraine. While it is a nice warning of what’s coming, the pain will still inevitably come.

Chiropractic Treatment at Ultimate Spine Health & Chiropractic

If you want a complete evaluation to pinpoint your head or spinal problem, a Fairfax VA chiropractor can help. X-rays or other tests could be part of the evaluation to help the chiropractor decide on a course of treatment.

A common treatment will be a spinal adjustment by your chiropractor that helps release pressure or stress which are potential causes of your migraine. In addition, spinal adjustments improve blood flow which can relieve pain. After an evaluation, your chiropractor may offer nutritional advice which can relieve migraines. Nutritional triggers have been known to start migraines. Lastly, posture and stress relieving techniques are included in the treatment plan.

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