Chiropractic Testimonials

"I'm a general dentist and I have been practicing dentistry over 20 years. Due to my poor posture and aging, I have been having pain on both of my shoulders especially left one. I could barely lift 90 degree and I had a difficult time putting on my jacket.

I have many friends that are either chiropractor or acupuncturist. So I have tried many different doctors with no result. Biggest difference that I saw from Dr. Park was he spent over an hour going over everything in detail on a first visit. Most of chiropractors, if you tell them you are having pain on shoulders, they would do some adjustments and put you on a massage chair and TENSE unit. That's about it.

However, Dr. Park focuses on rehabilitation through exercises. Just after 2 sessions, I was able to move my left arm almost 90%. Dr. Park was surprised how fast I was able to rehab.

I can't thank him enough to take care of my issues and I became raving fan. Now, any where I go, if anyone has any issues, I recommend Dr. Park. I already referred my wife and my mom. I referred couple of my own patients as well. If you are having any problems or issues, you should try Dr. Park. I recommend him without any hesitation."

- A.K.

"From the very first time I walked in the door, I have been very impressed with this practice. I've used chiropractors locally and overseas for 20+ years, but never one who uses the same techniques (Gonstead) as Dr. Park. He also takes the time to explain everything he is doing when he is evaluating and making adjustments. I'm very happy with the treatments and progression I am making to correct poor posture habits and how they impact my overall discomfort. Highly recommend Dr. Park."

- M.L.

"I absolutely love this place. The staff is incredibly helpful, and very flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend this clinic. After just two months of treatment, my posture has improved drastically. Dr. Park is an exceptional chiropractor who truly stands out in his field. He uses the Gonstead method, a specialized approach that focuses on identifying and correcting spinal and joint misalignments. This targeted technique has been instrumental in helping me improve my posture, stand up straight, and relieve neck and lower back pain. If you're looking for top-notch care, this is the place to go."

- A.P.

"I highly recommend Dr. Park. I've gone to many chiropractor offices before where they do the typical cracks and adjustments, but Dr. Park uses the Gonstead method which specifically targets your area of need. My chronic issues and my posture has been getting significantly better. Dr. Park spends the time during each session to walk you through different exercises and I never feel rushed. Thank you Dr. Park!"

- C.C.

"If you're looking for a chiropractor, look no further. Dr. Park is the one you need! Dr. Park is an exceptional chiropractor who truly stands out in his field. He uses the Gonstead method and X-rays are taken to get a deeper look at what's going on with your bones and he only adjusts where it's needed. This targeted approach has been instrumental in my goal to improve my posture, stand up straight, and relieve neck and lower back pain. Dr. Park is the first chiropractor I've been to who is genuinely legit. His expertise and dedication to his patients are evident on every visit!"

- K.Y.

"100% recommended Dr. Park. I am pregnant and have back pain with numbness and tingling in my legs. I also have difficulty walking on stairs. I have been to many chiropractors before, but he is the best chiropractor I've ever visited. He said he used the Gonstead chiropractic system to find my problem. Surprisingly, he had an examination thoroughly for about one hour, he explained very well and was knowledgeable.

I felt like other chiropractors were doing to cut corners, but Dr. Park focused on what I needed and had to do. When I went to other chiropractors, they checked for less than 10 minutes and always used electric pads to massage my back. Honestly, they did not work for me. However, Dr. Park adjusted my whole spine very gently. Then I felt relief from the pain right away. I also slept well on the same day I have been to. I had a tingling in my legs, but I haven't had it since I visited his office. I strongly recommend Dr. Park. If you have some issues, you should check and get treatment from him. You won't regret it."

- N.B.

"I had issues with my right shoulder and arm since November 2023. Been to other chiropractor, acupuncturist, hot yoga etc...whatever people recommended. The pain is still there. So I searched for a new chiropractor and found Dr. Park. I've been going to Dr. Park for over 12 sessions. My arm pain is gone now. Though shoulder pain comes and goes based on my workload. Dr. Park took time to explain the root cause and came up with a treatment plan, including exercises I have to maintain. I feel I can trust him with his knowledge and treatment. So will continue for the next 10 sessions to complete the treatment plan. One thing for sure, I have to do my part as exercise to get the muscle stronger to hold whatever adjustment he made for my arm and shoulder. Dr. Park deserves 5 stars for his punctuality, kindness, knowledgeable and honesty in treating patients. Rarely find Dr. like him nowadays."

- N.T.

"Dr. Park is the best chiropractor, I have been to other chiropractors previously but no use. I have a severe back pain when I came across Ultimate Spine Health and Chiropractic I just thought of giving a try but after 4 sessions I saw excellent progress in recovery. Dr.Park will explain each and every point till we get comfortable and then perform treatment. After adjustment, he also trains us with stretches to relieve the pain faster. After my back pain, I want to continue so I also getting adjustments for my Posture."

- P.S.

"I've been Dr. Park's patient for a long time (Before he started his own office). He was the only chiropractor who was able to fix my dislocated jaw. I experienced painful jaw dislocation and visited multiple chiropractors. Unfortunately, they made it worse and I could not open my mouth for a few days. Thank goodness, once I visited Dr. Park, he fixed it right away. It didn't even take 30 minutes for Dr. Park but those other chiropractors seemed to take forever and couldn't even fix the problem.

He is trustworthy, careful, and provides great advice. He finds the root cause of the problems and lets you know how to prevent those issues from happening again with exercise.

I hope my review helps you decide to make an appointment with Dr. Park at least once and see for yourself what a great chiropractor he is.. once you visit, your body will appreciate you for going to Dr. Park."

- H.K.

"Dr Park is very nice and takes his time to explain everything that he does. He makes me feel comfortable during my visits and that puts me at ease. My back feels a lot better and I can see the difference before and after the treatments."

- C.J.

"Highly recommended. Dr. Park performs excellent chiropractic adjustments. He also educates me about my specific needs and teaches me exercises to improve my situation. He takes the time to ensure my long term goals are met by going above and beyond. Thanks!"

- M.F.

"I am so happy to have a chance to work with Dr. Park. He is so prepared and so patient. My improvement of the pasture is so evident. The pain is less and I am very amazed with the overall result of my spine."

- A.S.

"Best chiropractor I have been to. Tension and pain between my shoulder blades are gone, my front head posture improved greatly, and my lower back pain is gone, in just a few weeks of treatment. Higly recommended."

- B.S.

"Experience has been great and comfortable progression so far. Appreciate the attention to detail to pain points and in depth exercises to practice for relief."

- I.N.

"Been here a few sessions and I am very happy with the thoroughness of the care. Dr. Park has been very helpful in getting to know my problems and taking me through a systematic program to help with a complex series of chronic issues."

- N.B.

"My wife has been experiencing back pain for a long time, and Dr. Park treats her very professionally. She loves coming for treatment every time. She feels so much better and can't get through the weekend without her adjustment. Everyone here is so friendly and nice. They are wonderful."

- S.L.

"I'm extremely happy to have Dr. Park as my chiropractor. I've been dealing with chronic back pain due to various sports injuries. Dr. Park is excellent with his treatments and I'm seeing drastic improvement. I also appreciate his personable approach and genuine care about my long term well being. I highly recommend him."

- D.L.

"I live in Baltimore Maryland, Dr Park was my chiropractor. I say you all are very lucky to have him, he helped me so much. I was very sad when he left Baltimore. He is a honest, decent person and one of the best chiropractors."

- A.B.

"Dr. Park is professional and very knowledgeable in his practice. He is very caring and will take care of his patients as if they are his family. I have known Dr. Park for many years and adjustment is to the point. I would highly recommend him."

- J.K.

"I'm getting my back and neck straightened up and my posture has improved a lot. Kind and professional."

- B.P.

"Dr. Park has done wonders for my back, when I first started I had so much pain in my neck and back. I could not walk or stand for very long. I now can stand much straighter when I walk I am able to walk a lot more than before, also standing still is so much better. Thank you Dr. Park. I definitely recommend."

- A.B.

"I am a first time patient for chiropractic service and I felt that Dr. Park did an excellent job explaining what was going on with my pain. He analuzed my film to see what was the way to adjust me. The he explained that it wouldn't be wise to do full adjustment all at once. I really appreciate how he took the time to explain what he was going to do and how long the process takes."

- W.F.

"Myself and body loved my 9 am appointment today with Dr. Park. Dr. Park listened to my areas needing attention, made sure he addressed those areas, allowing me to leave the office feeling 100% better and looking forward to my next appointment."

- L.B.

"Back pain so intense I could not stand up straight, walk normally, or go from sitting or laying to standing without severe shart pain. I was ready to go the ER the pain so bad. My adjustment from Dr. Park brought immediate reduction in pain. I am able to stand up straight and walk with way less pain than before I came in. What a relief."

- R.O.


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